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An interview with Happycake Psychic Ryan F. 

What is a psychic?

The definition of psychic is to sense or be aware of energy.

A psychic reading session is a fun way to support people in having a

new style of awareness about themselves and the things that matter to

them most: a job, a relationship, health and so much more. 

What is the method of how you read someone?

Currently, the type of readings offered for parties and events involve a

psychic giving a clairvoyant reading --- which means “to see the truth

clearly”. Another way to put it is — seeing something for what it is, not

what you think it should be.Other methods involve tarot or angel cards.

Psychics can use them as tools to give readings

Do you have any professional training?

I’ve been studying for 17 years and have been practicing professionally for 9 years. If an event requires more than one reader, I know other readers who with the same style of training and professionalism.

Is the reading about the future?

It can be, but it's not the style in which a lot of clairvoyants or psychics are working in modern times. Readings are super profound, but I wouldn't expect fortune telling, flying unicorns, or ouija boards.

What types of questions can you ask?

You can ask pretty much about anything. When there is a moment for questions during a reading, I always recommend starting with the first thing that comes to mind. Job, love, money, health & family are usually the first to come up. 

How many readings can you do in an hour?

If mini readings were set up at about 5–10 minute per person, about 5-10 readings can be done in an hour.

What is the required set up?

All you need is two chairs. One for the reader and the other for the readee. A table in between give an extra decoration to the experience, but it's not required.


Are you able to do a sample reading in advance over the phone to understand how it works ?

I’m able to offer a sample reading over the phone or on video chat (Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts)

What’s the maximum group number of people? 

Depending on the event, you would need to know about how many people are attending. Then you can scale the amount of readers you would need to bring onboard. Keep in mind that majority of people will want a psychic reading, but not all.

Do you need a quiet space? Do you need light?

Quiet spaces and light are always nice in order for the person receiving the reading can hear. I’ve also given psychic readings at a rock concert before, so there’s plenty of flexibility. 

Psychic readings for corporate events san francisco
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