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Live Painting

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Live Painting have to take place indoors?

Live Painting is perfect for any special event, indoors or outdoors! For outdoor events, please note that the Artist will require a covered area to paint from.

What type of events is Live Painting suited for?

Our Live Painting service is perfect for any event you want to make into a lasting memory! Popular choices for Live Painting include corporate events, weddings, birthday celebrations, store openings, museum events, charity functions, etc. 

What is Interactive Live Painting? 

Interactive Live Painting is when we bring supplies (brushes, palettes, paints, canvas, etc) and lead guests to create the painting alongside the Artist. This is great for team building and events where the host wants to provide a space for their guests to express themselves creatively! The Artist will lead the project, however the guests will complete the artwork as one painting. 

What type of paint do you use?

We use professional-grade acrylic paint with a UV isolation coat. Each painting is also varnished during the finalizing stages!

What do you do with a Live Painting once it’s done?

A live painting results in a fine art piece. It can be hung on a wall in a home or office. It can be gifted to the guest of honor, a CEO, or someone at the event as a prize. It can also be used as marketing and promotional material for companies. It serves as a memory of the event and is a gift that keeps giving! 

What types of themes can be painted?

We can paint any theme that your party is centered around, or we can paint a scene from your actual event. For weddings we can paint couples or families. We can also paint the facades of buildings, the Golden Gate Bridge, flowers, and more! We will customize the theme based on your event! 

How much space does the Artist need at my event?

The Artist will require a 5’ x 5’ space (25 sq ft) and covering if the event is outdoors. We bring our own easel and the Artist’s location at your event depends on what you choose to have painted. 

What does Live Painting include?

Our Live Painting package includes the following:


Live Painting for approx. 2 - 6 hours depending on the event and theme 

Gallery-wrapped (1.5” side) canvas that is professionally wired in the back and ready to hang

High-quality, professional-grade acrylic paint with UV isolation coat and varnish

In-studio touch-ups after the event

Digital image of your painting to keep and share

What does Interactive Live Painting include?

Our Interactive Live Painting package includes everything listed above plus:


Paint brushes, paints, and palettes for your guests to use to create

Artist-led painting completed by guests at the event

For weddings, what type of Live Painting do you suggest?

We recommend either of the following options for weddings:


“Guests of Honor Portrait” - A painting featuring a close-up of the guests of honor (up to two people) with a limited portion of the surrounding area. You may choose what part of the event you want to be painted, for example, the ceremony exit or the first dance.

“The Scene” - A painting featuring a wider view which may include your guests, the venue, and the atmosphere of your celebration. If your event is a wedding, this may also include the bride and groom. You may choose what scene or area you want painted.

What size canvas do you use?

We can use any size that is available! Some previous sizes include 14 x 18, 16 x 20, and 18 x 24.


For larger sizes, please let us know and we can customize!

Will the painting be 100% complete by the end of the event?

The Artist will take the painting back to the studio for final touches, varnishing, and wire installation, then deliver or ship to the owner within 4 weeks of the event.

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