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Stilt Walking

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of costumes are there to choose from?

We customize our costumes to fit the theme of your event! For example, some common themes are butterfly, fairy, ring leader, and Día de los Muertos.

How long does a Stilt Walking event usually book for?

Most Stilt Walking events range from 1 - 4 hours. Stilt Walking is a great way to welcome and interact with guests during your event, and makes great photo opportunities!

What types of activities can a Stilt Walker perform?

Our stilt walker can perform giant bubbles, poi spin, LED poi spin, twirl fans and ribbons, and/or interact with any props that fit your event’s theme!

What types of events is Stilt Walking good for?

Stilt Walking is perfect for holiday parties, festivals, parades, children's parties, corporate events, store openings, sports events and more!

What setup is required for Stilt Walking?

A green room or space for setup is very helpful, as well as a table and chair.

Is Stilt Walking only for outdoor events?

Stilt Walking is perfect for both outdoor and indoor events! 

Do you have multiple Stilt Walkers?

Yes, we offer multiple Stilt Walkers for large-scale events!

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