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Live Painting on canvas for Weddings
San Francisco Bay Area


Live Painting on Canvas for your wedding, family reunion, birthday party, or anniversary. Live Painting is a service in which an artist paints a scene (on canvas) at your event while the event is happening. 

Capture the essence of your event with a live painting. We will paint your party scene in real time to impress you and your guests. The canvas will start blank (white) and will end as an original one-of-a-kind acrylic painting unique to you and your special day. This is perfect for weddings, gender reveal parties, birthday celebrations, corporate events, and any other party you want to make into a lasting memory.

How does it work?

We need approximately 5-6 hours of time to paint. We prefer to arrive an hour before the event

starts, if possible. A majority of the painting will be done during the event and will take an additional 4

weeks to finalize (varnish included) in the studio. You are welcome to pick the painting up at our studio or we can ship it directly to you. 

Two Options to choose from:

“Guests of Honor Portrait” A painting featuring a close-up of the guests of honor (up to two people) with a

limited portion of the surrounding area. You may choose what part of the event you want painted. For a

wedding, you may choose the ceremony exit or the first dance, for example.


“The Scene” A painting featuring a wider view which may include your guests, the venue, and the

atmosphere of your celebration. If your event is a wedding, this may also include the bride and groom.

You may choose what scene or area you want painted.

Either option can be done in the following dimensions:




What is included?

* Live painting for approx. 6 hours.

* Gallery wrapped (1.5” side) canvas that is professionally wired in the back and ready to hang.

* High quality, professional grade acrylic paint with UV isolation coat and varnish.

* In-studio touch ups after the event.

* Digital image of your painting to keep and share.

What is needed in terms of space at the venue:

A 5”x5” area is needed to paint. We will bring our own easel. The location is flexible and depends

on the scene/venue and what area you want painted.




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